Jerusalem College of Engineering

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From CEO’s Desk

Dr . M . Mala

I am glad to know that the Student Council of Jerusalem College of Engineering is organizing the cultural fest – Excelsior’20. This cultural extravaganza will provide a good opportunity for the students to perform on-stage. The objective of the event is to develop various skills, leadership and organizing qualities among the student community to make them a sound personality in the society. I wish all the very best for the Student Council for organizing this cultural carnival, and my hearty wishes for the event to be a grand success.


From Director’s Desk

Dr . M. Ramalingam

I am blissful to note that the Student Council-2020 is conducting the cultural fest of Jerusalem College of Engineering. Every year the culturals is organized under the brand- “Excelsior”, which pave way for the students to reveal their various talent in front of erudited audience. I wish this culturals a grand success and congratulate the students for active participation.


From Principal’s Desk

Dr . S. Prince arockiya doss

The intent of coordinating the cultural commemoration is a great opportunity to carve the abilities of the students in various fields. This cultural fest of “Excelsior’20” emphasizes to exhibit the richness and superiority and consists a peculiar number of events which groove the student community to participate. It also ensures escalation of team participation, leadership, competency and confidence among the students. I convey my hearty congratulations to the organizers for the grand success of the event.


From The Student Council

We the student council of 2020, take absolute honor and joy in organizing this cultural festival- “Excelsior’20”. This cultural event comprises of many exciting and trending events under various clubs like, halcyon club and tamil mandram. Furthermore the off stage events are conducted under a time span of 1 week inside our college campus. We expect and request the utmost participation of the students in the various events to make the event a grand success. Let’s make this culturals as a student’s festival of joy, competence and responsibility.